Benefits to Independent Consultants Working through Akeso

Why independent consultants might benefit from bringing a project to Akeso

Independent consultants have the option to work on their own, or to work through a consulting firm or a university. Here is why you, as an individual consultant, may wish to partner with Akeso for some of your current and future work.

1. Reputation: You remain the PI for your work. And, by working through Akeso, your project benefits not just from your own reputation but also from its association with a solid and well-regarded firm.
2. US-based partner: For consultants based in other countries, partnering with Akeso provides a footing in the United States. This offers your project a level of accountability and business practice trusted by many US funders.
3. Teaming: For your projects that benefit from a team approach, Akeso can quickly identify technical experts, evaluators, research analysts, graphic designers, editors, clerical staff, and others to complement your own skills.
4. Global network: Akeso’s network includes consultants who live or have recent experience in 40 countries. Akeso has partner relationships with indigenous firms in many countries. Extend the impact and sustainability of your work by partnering with a local presence through Akeso.
5. Access to US Government, Gates Foundation, and other contracts: In many cases, solo individuals are not able to contract directly with donors. Akeso has administrative mechanisms including master service agreements to expedite contracting with the Gates Foundation, CDC Foundation, Microsoft, Intellectual Ventures/Global Good, and several universities. We are have current USG IDIQ mechanisms in place with USAID (Supply Chain) and CDC (PEPFAR Technical Assistance and HIV Technical Assistance TASC 4). We offer competitiveness for USG work as a veteran-owned small business.
6. Simple approaches to financial, legal, administrative, and risk management systems: Akeso has excellent systems for financial and contract management, 1099 filing, program reporting, subcontracting, liability coverage, travel support, legal consultation, and evacuation insurance that many consultants find to be a headache to handle on their own. We meet US Government accounting requirements.
7. Reasonable fees and costs: Akeso charges a small management fee and indirect rate. These rates vary from contract to contract. Please contact Akeso for more information about how we would work with you to put together a mutually acceptable budget for your project. We are far more reasonable than universities.
8. Akeso’s partners: Your work may benefit from a community of practice, including the opportunity to bounce ideas off of experts in the field. In the words of one consultant, “Akeso is fun to work with!”

To contact us to discuss options and opportunities, please email us:
Carmine Bozzi
Raleigh Watts